Lovely Weekend

So I had the best weekend...pics to come tomorrow :)

For now some facts about myself...this looked interesting and quick enough so um...keep it going y'all.

six names you go by:
Chocolate chip.

three things you're wearing right now:
No Nonsense socks.
Senior picnic shirt.
Coca Cola short shorts.

four things you want at this exact moment:
to lay down with my mister.
a foot massage.
the cookies my boyfriend is on the ground eating.
orange juice....i drank all mine :(

two things you did last night:
watched hangover.
cuddled :)

last two people you talked to on the phone:
Faja. [dad]

two things you're going to do tomorrow:
wake up next to Jordan.
apply for a subway job.

three favorite drinks:
Orange juice.
Chai tea with whip cream that has caramel drizzled on it.
Grape soda.

Well hope you enjoyed this pointless post. I think its cuddle time. Peace out.

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