You make me move jesus

Hola Blog folk, wow I cant believe i am making another post so soon. so not to sound like i am sulking but do you ever get to a point in your relationship where you are unsure of what will happen in the future.? i do and i think too much of what others think and it is driving me crazy, i know i love Jordan i really do but sometimes our future scares me i know that i am only eigtheen and shouldnt worry but i do. i just want to turn that worry off and just enjoy my time with him. he's too rare and precious not to appreciate. but anyway i am rambling onto the real reason for this post.

has anyone ever used this because i got a gift card to target and i am wondering just how well it works. i saw someone on youtube use it and it worked very well for her. so i am keeping my fingers crossed for me.

i have my last bible study tomorrow for awhile. it shall be grand. oh and speaking of the bibile, i am officially enrolled in William Jessup University, this uber cool mega modern christian school that i have been dying to go to and now I AM A STUDENT!!! i move in on the 21st but start on the 25th of august, which i have mixed emotions about since it will be my birthday.

i am totally going kayaking this weekend, and my beau is coming along. this will be hilarious. have you guys ever been? i love the workout it gives and i will enjoy watching all these people who have never done it.

oh and this acquire the fire youth conference doesnt start until April of next year but i am super excited becasue Leeland and JIMMY NEEDHAM will be there...i am totally obsessed with his music. and my mom is going to buy us tickets very early so i can get a good seat.


  1. Hi sweetie. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. Feel free to stop by again! God bless.

  2. hey there!
    thanks for the follow.
    and yes, chi is my main shampoo.
    i really do love it. i've been using it for probably three years.
    i love the smell!


  3. I have used the "chi silk" Works great but almost makes your hair greesy.

  4. that chi silk infusion is the BEST! it works wonders!


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