Attention Ladies with Style!!!!

So i went to old navy today and discovered that they had a student discount so me and the boyfriend got some clothes. but i went cardigan crazy and got three of them. can someone please send me ideas of how to wear them now or this upcoming fall.

you can email me at fannadix[dot]kayla[at]gmail[dot]com.

it will mean a lot so thanks.

also i do not know how to comment y'all back so that is the reason for not responding so i would appreciate knowing how to do that too.

also thank you for your many prayers for our dear friend. she is doing tons of better now so i pray that she continues to get better, God really does work miracles.

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  1. wear them with jeans,dresses,skirts it doesnt matter! they're so cute and fun to wear i love cardigans :)


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