Me Love you Long Time

Sooooo it has been forever since I have written on this blog. I PROMISE to commit to this thing more especially since I am always on here so there is no excuse. Of course a lot has happened since I returned to beautiful California.

I went out with my best friend Natalli, who is currently sleep in the other room. We had the best panini's that day. They were nice and hot, too bad the bread was a bit too toasty other than that though it was perfect. It was fun being with her even though I missed my boyfriend terribly. I am definitely a love sick puppy dog.

Speaking of my lovely boyfriend; he turned 20 on May 25Th, and i actually made something for him. Sausage Quesadillas, cupcakes and chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting with strawberries on top. I love that guy so much, its crazy how happy and odd we act when we are together. Its Like my other best friend :)

That is enough chitter chatter for now, I will return soon I promise.


  1. those paninis look delish!
    and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your boyfriend!
    hooray for cupcakes!!


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