I wanna wear my hair wild in a mess.

Outside my window..is the sound of sprinklers, hmmm, i love how my new dog sammy loves wet grass.
The time is.. 310am.
Today I feel.. very chunky, i need to start working out very badly oh and i am excited to start anew at William Jessup University.
I am thinking.. that i need to stop thinking of what other people may think and stop worrying so much about the future and just love my boyfriend for who he is now.
At the moment, I am thankful.. for a boyfriend who will go to the moon and back for me and how well he treats our baby sammy (dog).
I am going.. to finally do laundry tomorrow...eek!
I am wearing.. nike sweatpants and an ethnic expressions t shirt.
I wish... I could afford jeans from buckle.
I am reading.. these questions as i type. hahaha. i am actually heading up to the library tomorrow so we will see.
I am working on.. getting my college gear :)
I am hoping.. get a car by the end of this year.
I am hearing.. some lady talking on demand.
Around the house.. there are boxes that need to go to storage because they are taking up space.
I bet you didn't know.. that i am in love with a gangster jk.
One of my favorite..foods is watermelon!!!.
My weekend plans include.. a birthday party, sewing and maybe a trip to the fair.

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